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VisionMax Successfully Held the 2022-2023 New Product Launch Event

VisionMax's 2022-2023 new product launch event - "Unlock new possibilities" was held through online streaming on December 6. VisionMax released 3 different products during the conference which can meet various application needs – the VN Plus series, VN Pro series and VN Touring series. With brand-new product forms and design concepts, VisionMax aims to unlock new possibilities for creative production.

VisionMax online new product launch event

1 Press and Pull - Easily UNLOCK power boxes on-site

As the COVID-19 epidemic subsides worldwide, the LED rental market is recovering. The demand for rental & stage, sports events or corporate events, public events, and concerts is gradually released.

VisionMax's new VN Plus series has developed a patented PSU box unlocking system. Whether the problem lies in the power supply, HUB or connector, it will only take 2 seconds - PRESS and PULL to disassemble the problem control box, which significantly saves time and reduces the difficulty of on-site maintenance.

VN Series unlocking system

2 Prefect ICVFX - UNLOCK new ways to create content

In recent years, the epidemic has slowed down the pace of the world economy, but at the same time accelerated the replacement of green screens by LED displays, triggering a technological revolution in virtual production in the fields of film shooting, TV program production and live events. The integration of virtual production and LED display has caused the transformation of traditional film and television production methods and pushed the industry into a new era of high-standard virtual production.

LED volume

The Venus Pro series adopts an all-in-one and platform design concept. One product series can be used as LED ceiling, backdrop and LED floor at the same time to meet various creative expression needs for the virtual production. At the same time, different modules with different pixel pitches can share the same cabinet structure and apply the same accessories, which can greatly reduce the cost of products, accessories and training for customers. VN Pro series products have perfect in-camera performance, support 1500nit reflection high brightness, high contrast, 7680Hz high refresh rate, cover 98% DCI-P3 color gamut, 16bit high grayscale, maximum support 250FPS, etc.

VN Series all-in-one platform

LED volume solution

3 Open and Close - UNLOCK quick installation of large screen

As the concert market recovered, VisionMax's R&D team launched a new product for rental and touring applications - Venus Touring series. Compared with the traditional LED outdoor rental display, VN Touring series is available for both rental and touring, which saves costs to a greater extent and improves use efficiency; it adopts the industry's first guide-rail touring frame. When unfolded, the wind-resistant frame can be used as a climbing ladder, in that case, maintaining on-site is more convenient and fast for engineers. In addition, the VN Touring series is equipped with a new touring cart system, which can provide customized solutions for the frequent transport transition needs in touring scenes.

VNT Series slogan

cutting-edge guide-rail touring frame

VisionMax always takes "Your creativity, our priority" as our mission. We adhere to the principle of customer-centricity, insist on innovation and development, focus on rental & stage and virtual production, and continuously develop and deliver ideas and creative LED display products to our customers.