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VMX brought VN Series to the InfoComm 2023 in the United States

The 2023 American Audio-Visual Technology and System Integration Exhibition (InfoComm USA) kicked off on June 14th at the Orlando National Exhibition Center, marking the first major international LED display industry event following the pandemic. Over three exciting days, more than 100,000 professionals from around the world flocked to the exhibition to see the latest technology advancements and network with industry experts. With an impressive turnout of over 760 manufacturers, InfoComm proved to be a premier event for showcasing cutting-edge products. Among the standout exhibitors was VMX, who made a lasting impression with their VN Series products and two innovative solutions for virtual production and stage rental. The event was a huge success and a testament to the resilience of the audio-visual technology industry in the face of challenging times.

Hit the scene

· xR Stage · Virtual Production

Cooperated with the international team Vu Studio and stYpe, integrated virtual shooting technology, real-time rendering technology, etc., VMX built an xR stage at InfoComm and created an immersive virtual experience for customers on site, attracting many exhibitors to stop and check-in.

The stage itself is composed of VMX VN Series products, the side screen uses the VN-261 Pro Series, and the floor screen uses the VN-260 Pro Series. As an integrated and platform-based product, VN Pro Series can be used as LED ceiling, backgrounds, and floor tiles simultaneously to meet various needs in the field of virtual production. VN Pro Series has perfect in-camera performance, supports 1500nit high brightness, low reflection, high contrast, 7680Hz high refresh rate, covers 98% DCI-P3 color gamut, 16bit high grayscale, maximum support 250FPS, etc.

vmx led xr stage

vmx led xr stage

· Curved Screen · Stage Rental

On the other side of the booth, a curved hanging screen was displayed. Comprising the VN Plus Series products, this collection impresses exhibitors with its impeccable color reproduction, remarkable contrast, high refresh rate, and other outstanding features.

As a rental LED product, the VN Plus Series has a patented PSU box unlocking system. Whether the problem lies in the power supply, HUB, or connector, it will only take 2 seconds - PRESS and PULL to disassemble the problem control box, which significantly saves time and reduces the difficulty of on-site maintenance.

vmx led rental screen

vmx led curved rental screen

In addition, VMX showcased three sets of column screens, VNT Series products, and its cart system, creating a captivating ambiance that captured the attention of numerous onlookers.

vmx led column screen

vmx led cart system

Through this exhibition, VMX showcased not only its formidable strength and technical prowess but also bolstered the company's influence and partner network in the international market. We remain committed to customer-centric and innovative development, with a specific focus on three core business areas: rental & stage, conference display, and virtual production. Our unwavering dedication to assisting customers in enhancing their creative and design capabilities drives us to continuously craft and deliver inventive LED display products, thereby presenting increasingly advanced display solutions.


Click the video to know more about VMX booth at InfoComm

VMX xR stage at InfoComm
VMX xR stage at InfoComm - Youtube
video of vmx led display at infocomm
VMX VNT cart system at InfoComm - Youtube