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VMX LED indoor commercial display Mars Series
COB and Flip Chip  Technology. Less influence of moire, higher contrast, film image quality,  ideal for camera shot scenes.
Narrow Pixel Pitch, Infinite Display. Perfect 16:9 display ratio and can be cascaded into standard  resolution of FHD/4K/8K.
High Grayscale in Low Brightness. Capture the little details even in low light with black coating  technology, non-reflective surface and supreme black  uniformity help to display true-to-life imagery
Easy cleaning, easy installation. Integrated design with power supply, receiving card and HUB  3-in-1 enables one man installation and easy cleaning.
Application of VMX LED indoor commercial display Mars Series for retail store,commercial complex,house of worship,exhibition & show and theme park
Specification of Mars Series - VisionMax LED indoor commercial display